Become a member of Time Travelers Club and earn your basic Certification as Chrononaut

What is TTC?
 Time Travelers Club is an association of enthusiasts and explorers who want to conquer one of the last frontiers: Time!

We began our quest by experimenting and using advanced technology and equipment, such as space and time warp generators, synchronizers, gyro stabilizers, particle accelerators, remote synchronized chronometers and more.

After a long and hard study and all the practical experiments that went along with it, we had to conclude that this was an unworkable route. But some new data had emerged that made it all possible.


 The Fifth Dimension
it was decided to go another route. The fifth dimension was discovered and this gave a totally new access to time. In the physical universe we have the 3 dimensions of space plus the 4th dimension of time. Within the confinement of space we have matter and energy. Time can be understood as the interaction of matter and energy in space. The fifth dimension takes us outside the known physical universe and into a new world where one can exert a new level of control over the physical universe. This is very useful and real in time travel. By learning the laws and axioms under which this new dimension operates, we have constructed the first fully operational time machine.

Becoming a Chrononaut
To earn a basic certificate as Chrononaut, or Time Traveler, you need to learn our unique R3X technology which enables you to travel this lifetime incidents and run missions where your crew will conquer their this lifetime time and space. This technology has proven safe in terms of conquering time and space related to this planet and in the range of one's current lifetime.

Our way of communication used in mission control is Skype and other advanced long distance communication methods.

The way to become a member is to sign up for a mission under the leadership of an experienced mission control officer. You will, after a short briefing, be sent on several missions to explore your own past in detail and report back to mission control on an open line via Skype or telephone. Once you have accomplished several such missions successfully, you may qualify to study the basic materials and may qualify to become a mission controller yourself.

TTC teams will be placed in all corners of this planet. There are already many teams in place. Each team consists of a mission controller, who will reside on base; and the time traveler, who will be in the field somewhere else on planet earth and in another time just attached to base via a communication line. This communication line is like a lifeline that makes it safe to travel in time and space.


"Mission Control"

"Time Traveler"

First year's membership fee is $100 and includes a ticket to one time travel, including about one hour's stay in the past with vivid experiences and a safe return on a first class time machine. You will have to be well fed and well rested and fully alert for an optimum experience.

"R3X is a regression technique that is administered to the time traveler without drugs, medicines or hypnosis. It has, in one form or another, safely been applied for over 50 years. R3X is the most advanced set of techniques in existence in overcoming the barriers of time. One can contact this lifetime's incidents as well as previous lives   and deaths, and other planets and space societies.

Fully qualified time travelers will have a holographic experience of their existence in past eras, cultures and advanced space societies as seen in countless science fiction movies, such as the Star wars series. Time traveling requires that the time traveler takes care of his/her health and nutrition, avoids mind-altering drugs, etc. It's a form of sport that requires a healthy life style and full presence of mind to be successful.

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